Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still Waiting Waiting....

We hope everyone has a nice Father's Day ours was wonderful. I had to work so Steve and Olivia spent the day together after work we went to Steve's Mom and Dad's for a barbecue. Mom made her famous macaroni salad so everyone was happy especially Steve. After there we went to Moe's house to see my Dad and we were all glued to the TV watching the US Open  now those of you who know me know I"m not so much the sports person but even I was glued. We had a wonderful day and are all really thankful for all the wonderful Dad's in our life. I always appreciate Steve and what a wonderful father he is to Olivia but I especially remind myself how blessed we are to have him in our lives.
           Steve called the adoption agency Monday and we remain third on the list there have been no new referrals since our last conversation a month ago,very discouraging.  We continue to hope and pray and wait hoping with each day that goes by we get closer. There have been some email petitions and letter writing campaigns going on. The Vietnamese gov has indicated they would be open to "Grandfathering" paperwork already in Vietnam after the 9/1/08 deadline . They are looking to our gov for assurances that they would continue to issue visas, therein lies the million dollar question. We are hoping for some positive news on that front. We will post any new news as it happens . Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.