Saturday, July 25, 2009

Almost Back on Track

My birth certificate is on to the last stop on it's travels to China. It was sent and received by the China consulate yesterday from there it goes directly to HAS. The preparer will receive an email when it leaves the consulate hoping by the end of next week then come on LOSC. Keeping our fingers crossed. Kate

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving Along

Our summer here is flying by. Summer got off to a wet start in our neck of the woods and I can't believe it is almost August. Olivia is in Culture Camp all week and it is something she looks forward to all year. This is a camp started by adoptive families to bring children of multicultural families together to learn about their culture and spend time with other children who share their family situation. Each child has a schedule and they do arts and crafts, cooking, language(Olivia is taking Chinese hoping to help with her brother)and culture among other things. This camp is in it's 30th year, the cost is nominal and it is run by adoptive parents who volunteer their time.I feel so grateful that we live in a community where our children can be raised with such a large group of families just like ours. Next year I look forward to taking Matthew to the preschool program
I had communication Monday from the preparer that my birth certificate is on to step 2 of a three step process so we're getting there. Although the agency said it would not stall our paperwork i believe that we will not receive our LOSC until they have it so I am anxious to get it there.We were initially preparing for travel late August early September but now not so sure it will all happen in it's own time. We are looking forward to family gatherings and long family weekends as we head into August and just enjoying the outdoors I will keep in touch All the Best ___ Kate

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bumps in the Road

Just when you think all is moving along a bump in the road well 2 as a matter of fact. The good news is the CCAA has received our dossier and has begun to process it. The bad news is they misplaced my authenticated birth certificate somewhere. Fortunately when I got our certificates in March I ordered two because they are difficult to get. It is already on it's way to the dossier preparer for authentication it should take about two weeks to process it fully through the China consulate. Pam at HAS was wonderful and reassuring that it would not stall our paperwork as they have a copy of the certificate and they will continue to move our paperwork along and she will express mail it when we receive it. I know in the scheme of things of all that could go wrong this is minor but any bump in the road is upsetting we just want him home and feel we shouldn't''t have to wait because they lost our document Oh well
Bump number two----- China is taking this H1N1 flu thing very seriously and without the boring details they are quarantining people who have even been remotely exposed for seven days. This news does not effect Steve and I as we will take the chance and hope for the best,it has however effected our decision to bring Olivia and we have decided that she will stay home with her Aunt Margie and her family. Our reason for this decision is that if anyone of us becomes ill and test positive for the flu that person will be removed from quarantine for medical treatment and only that person. Potentially if Olivia became ill she would be removed and treated medically and neither Steve not I would be allowed to go with her. Way to big a risk. I am reminded that sometimes parents have to make the really tough decisions.We have assured her that she can stay home for a few days when her brother comes home so that sweetened the deal. Her Dad has also made vague innuendos about a possible 2010 Disney trip so she is on the mend. We had planned on doing the tourist trip before getting Matthew but now we will go to complete the adoption and come home. Even two weeks is the longest we have been away from our girl it will be tough.
Please send us your good thoughts for a speedy authentication of my birth certificate and moving forward --- All the Best Kate