Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homestudy Update Done One Step Closer

Our favorite social worker was to our home yesterday for our update for China. It is always great to see her,she was the one who thought to make the call back in December that led us to Matthew.We talked and discussed all the things about bringing Matthew home. We certainly are not rookies when it comes to all this but still have questions she is knowledgeable and straightforward which we respect.Olivia was so excited for her to come and really embraced putting her best foot forward and spent more time then ever cleaning her room. Poor Maureen also had to see it and also talk alone with Olivia and give some pointers about being a good big sister.We have a picture of Matthew on the table and as I have said before each document gets us one step closer.
We are waiting for 2 documents to be returned to us and then our dossier will be on it's way. I am optimistic we may get them both this week. The preparer will get them all certified she is able to accomplish this in record time.
My original time frame for submission to the preparer was March 1 we may just be a little bit over that.Keep your fingers crossed.
On another note the situation in Krygz goes from bad to worse almost daily. While we are no longer involved if we had been a few months earlier we would be in the same position. There are 60 families that have traveled met and loved their children who are not making any progression to bringing their children home. This is due to government details which I can not begin to understand. It just simply is. I know there are alot of people who read and please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers. These children deserve better and to be home with their families who love them.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moving Along

Well all documents have been sent for,fingerprints taken( and guess what they haven't changed from the previous 6 times they have been taken),doctor appointments made for next week and dossier preparer at the ready. All of this getting us one step closer to our beautiful son.I just can't wait to be DTC (that means dossier to China)
We received an update on Matthew this week. He is doing well a little skinny at 18lbs and 30 inches but developmentally walking and starting to talk so we are thrilled. We're not too worried about the weight at this time. Anyone who knows Olivia knows we know skinny and she is a healthy vibrant little girl. By the way she lost another tooth this week and was visited by the tooth fairy. We are looking forward to no school next week and a playdate with our wonderful neighbors( Michelle I will be in touch). I will update with more news hopefully to say our paperwork is on it's way All the Best Kate.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dossier Requirements

We received the dossier requirements yesterday from the agency. Not too bad I guess maybe after four dossiers I have become a pro.We are moving full steam ahead each piece of paper gets us one step closer to our son.We are excited and thrilled. Olivia and I have settled on Matthew's room. It will be really cute lizards and geckos. Steve also likes them. I will post pictures when his room is all done. We are enjoying the joy of all this. Olivia asked today how we will decorate our third child's room. Once Steve and I got over our shock we told her that we would be forever more a family of four. I love the way that sounds!!!!!! All the Best.