Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dossier Requirements

We received the dossier requirements yesterday from the agency. Not too bad I guess maybe after four dossiers I have become a pro.We are moving full steam ahead each piece of paper gets us one step closer to our son.We are excited and thrilled. Olivia and I have settled on Matthew's room. It will be really cute lizards and geckos. Steve also likes them. I will post pictures when his room is all done. We are enjoying the joy of all this. Olivia asked today how we will decorate our third child's room. Once Steve and I got over our shock we told her that we would be forever more a family of four. I love the way that sounds!!!!!! All the Best.

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Michele said...

The dossier requirenemnts are pretty straight forward for China. I did it myself, but I am bit of a control freak LOL. Getting closer.....
Emily would love for Liv to come play next week if you will be around. TTYL