Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still Waiting

May 14 2008-----We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and enjoyed the time wit your children.. I had to work but fit in lunch at Wendy's with Steve and Olivia then my wonderful husband took me out to a nice dinner with his family after work I had a lovely day .Olivia made me a beautiful keychain with her picture on it that now proudly holds my keys.
       We continue to wait for news of a referral and are hoping that since we are so high on the list it will be soon. Even though I know that the referral means only a last round of waiting I am so anxious to move along the process.. I am also very excited about not knowing if we will be referred a boy or a girl   We will be sure to post when that happens  Please continue to keep ups in your thoughts and prayers.. More soon hopefully good news..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday May 10 2008

Steve bought me  new computer for Mother's day so you can thank him for all this blogging stuff. All through this adoption journey I have been following blogs of other families also waiting to adopt and have thought what a great way to keep family  updated re the progress or lack thereof. I didn't do it because I didn't know how. This new computer has given me a renewed interest and I am doing it yeah.So this is my first blog.  In a synopsis form as to where we are in the adoption process we have been in the waiting list for an infant girl since jan 2007 for those of you who don't know Vietnam announced a few weeks ago that the two govs can not reach an agreement and that adoptions from vietnam will be ending sept 1 2008 and that only families that have been matched with a child will be able to complete their adoption. This announcement came on Friday and Steve and I had along weekend considering options and alternatives. I shed many tears because i couldn't believe we could have come all this way only to have the door closed.  Through some soul searching Steve and I realized that the only thing we could do to facilitate this new deadline was to change our preference to no gender preference and to open our hearts and our home to whatever child God planned for us. We called the agency Monday morning and changed our preference and were told by the agency that we are now in the top three on the waiting list and we now wait hope and pray.This journey will only begin there as we expect bumps in the road to the visa approval as the relationship between the two governments deteriotates on an almost daily basis, we feel that this is the road we have journeyed down and are committed to staying the course wherever it takes us.We for all these months have been preparing Olivia for a little sister never anticipating this detour. She was initially upset but slowly realizing possibly being the only girl could have it's benefits because as usual it is just OLIVIA.  On the positive side we have received Olivia's citizenship certificate and can now apply for her passport. Please pray for us that this path will take us where we would like at that at the end of the road we will have the newest addition to our family who is healthy.. More Later