Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still Waiting

May 14 2008-----We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and enjoyed the time wit your children.. I had to work but fit in lunch at Wendy's with Steve and Olivia then my wonderful husband took me out to a nice dinner with his family after work I had a lovely day .Olivia made me a beautiful keychain with her picture on it that now proudly holds my keys.
       We continue to wait for news of a referral and are hoping that since we are so high on the list it will be soon. Even though I know that the referral means only a last round of waiting I am so anxious to move along the process.. I am also very excited about not knowing if we will be referred a boy or a girl   We will be sure to post when that happens  Please continue to keep ups in your thoughts and prayers.. More soon hopefully good news..

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