Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine Flu

Well the swine flu has come to our home. Not as bad as you might expect,Olivia has been sick since Saturday with basic cold symptoms and a fever hovering around 101. My niece had tested positive for the flu earlier in the week so we knew what to expect. Olivia got to the doctor the day after the fever first started, tested positive for influenza A and we started the Tamiflu right away so I'm thinking that is why is has been so mild.She has been symptom free since Tuesday so she will return to school tomorrow just in time for her class Halloween parade and party. As lousy as she felt that is all she has been worrying about. Oh to have the worries of an eight year old.
Obviously we still have no news on the journey to bringing our son home and are now dealing with the fact that he will not be home this holiday season. This was surely not what we expected but the fact none the less.We are six months since DTC and just about 3 months since we sent the replaced document but again no answer where we stand. We just wait. But more importantly Matthew spends more time without his family then he needs to.For those of you who read this and have adopted you know this feeling and at times it breaks your heart. But we continue to wait and know that this time will be a memory once our son is home with his family. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween and safe and healthy days-- All the Best Kate.