Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trying to Keep the Faith

Just a quick update on the adoption front. Our dossier is at our agency and all ready to go to the Kyrgyz embassy. That's the good news. After speaking wih the country coordinator at our agency we along with other families have decided to not forward the dossier at this time. The program is completely stalled and no one seems to know why.All information coming from the in country team is positive yet no cases are moving forward. Our agency did receive some referrals recently but can not even move them forward because all families are waiting for approval from the adoption commitee.The government has not responded either positively or negatively to the DOS request for an update. They simply are just not responding.No one knows if this is a problem or just a continuation of the reorganization slowdown. With the absence of information if we forward the dossier and the program closes we will lose more money. We are trying to be cautious. Caution and emotion are a very diffficult combination for me. We need prayer finger crossing or any combination of the two right now. The agency doesn't expect any info until into the new year. My goal now is to try not to get so wrapped up in all this that it effects my holidays with our beautiful daughter and my loving husband that is where I will focus my energy.


Corinne said...

like you said, let us try to keep the faith and pray we will get some answers soon!

moe said...

As always we are here for you! We are praying and keeping our fingers crossed at the same time! George tells me that as long as i worry about things-they will work out. So I'll mix in the appropriate level of worrying along with the praying and finger crossing!! XXOO