Monday, September 7, 2009

Is it Fall Already ?????

Well the air is certainly fall like in the Northeast.Our girl starts school Wednesday. When I got up yesterday morning she was in her room packing her backpack. Do ya think she is ready for school? We are so blessed, Olivia loves school and is counting down the days until she returns of course give it a week and then we'll see. While I worked last week she spent the days with my sister and her family. Uncle George took them all fishing. Moe has three girls ages 10, 8 and seven. Olivia loves to spend time with them and do "girly" things. She picked out a barbie fishing rod and wouldn't bait the hook because the fish were slimy but after that part was done she had a blast!!! We are spending a quiet labor day today and then back to work tomorrow.
I had some communication from the adoption agency indicating that we should be hopeful that our loa will come sooner rather than later and that most likely the lost document didn't set us back a full three months,BUT we should always plan for the worst case scenario. I love how they are always so guarded. I suppose though they have learned through experience dealing with anxious adoptive parents, and I know I am certainly one of them!!!! We are four months waiting at this point and figure our lost document lost us about a month. Today my family and I are choosing to be hopeful for LOA this month we'll see.On a more practical note our fingerprints for our 171h expire 1 /2010. We need to apply for a fingerprint appointment by 11/1/09 so hopefully we will have some indication by then. If not we will have to cough up another $160 to be refingerprinted for what the 80th time. I don't think I'm going out on a limb her predicting that our fingerprints haven't changed,but alas we will do what is needed to bring home our son. Please keep your fingers crossed and keep my family in your prayers. We so desperately want our family to e complete with our beautiful boy home with his family---- All the Best ---- Kate.

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Wuxi Mommy said...

This Northeast weather has been fabulous, hasn't it?? I'm loving every minute of it, and so relieved to be able to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air:) I'm crossing my fingers for ya for that LOA. Ours took an unusually long time.....5 full months!! We ended up being fingerprinted FOUR times each. They should have known us by name that last time...LOL:)