Monday, October 13, 2008


Olivia's front tooth had been hanging on by a thread for over a week and finally on Saturday with a little help from Uncle Ray it came out. Interestingly I have been a nurse for 24 years yet the thought of assisting with teeth removal makes my skin crawl. I was glad we had backup---- Thanks Uncle Ray
Life has been moving along and things have been going well. My new job is going along and although the longer days were an adjustment in the beginning much better now. We are now counting the days until our disney trip for Thanksgiving in November. We were hoping that we would be traveling as a family of four but that was not to be.
Our refingerprinting for immigration clearance was completed 10/2/08 so we are now waiting for our i171 approval. We only have two more documents for the dossier to get and they are both in the works. Once we receive the approval we will send them off the the dossier preparer she will get all the county clerk and department of state authentications. Prior to her having them DOS certified she will scan them to the adoption agency for translation to begin while the originals are being certified which should help move along the process. From there they go to the Kygr embassy in Washington then onto kyrgz ministry for final approval by adoption committee. Then we are officially "waiting" and can receive a referral at that time. I am getting excited again at the prospect and can actually picture another member of our family.
We will keep everyone posted and hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather

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Corinne said...

Sounds like you are doing great with the paper chase!It is always exiting to get things checked off the list.Our Agency does referrals the same way.I am looking forward to watching your journey progress! BTW,your daughter looks so cute with her missing tooth.It is fun to see all these firsts happen.