Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Beautiful Girl Is Seven Today

Olivia turned seven today. Hard to believe. We had a very busy but wonderful weekend celebrating. Saturday we had a school friends party with 12 little girls they made beaded bracelets,had their nails done and face painting. It was great for Olivia to have all her school friends and family here,apparently Barbie is the theme of the day because we now have more of them then we can count but she is loving all her gifts and was up at 6;30am today to start playing with them YEAH!!!
Right after that our family arrived for the family party.It was great to have all the kids together and fortunately the weather held up so they could be outside for a little while.Clothes for fall was the theme of this party(Mommy was excited).I am so amazed how into clothes Olivia is, I know I didn't care this much when I was seven.
Olivia's adoption day holds more memories for me than her birthday,I do however on this day think about Olivia's birthmother. I hope she knows what a beautiful gift she gave us. Olivia is the bright light in our life. She makes us smile and laugh every single day and ,especially at birthdays I am so grateful for the gift of her. I know her birthmother thinks of her today and I wish she could know that I think of her too.
Our I171 extension with homestudy has been filed and we are paperchasingm we have hired a dossier preparation service this time around to make the process easier for me. I am grateful for her and we move full steam ahead.I'll keep you all posted.

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Corinne said...

What a Beautiful daughter you have!Our daughter is the same age and they are so fun.Best wishes on your journey.We will get there.