Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well It's Official

September first came and went without much fanfare, I don't know what I expected I guess maybe a small part of me hoped there would be some final hour reprieve. That was not to be. Our Vietnam adoption journey ended officially along with countless other families dreams. I am saddened and I guess feeling a loss for the promise of a child from Vietnam we will not have. Throughout this journey I have always pictured in my mind a child who looked just like Olivia. What also saddens me is to think of the children in Vietnam who might not have homes. People often comment to me how lucky Olivia is that we adopted her I always reply that what we received from her is tenfold what we have given to her, Yet I do think about the life she may have had in Vietnam and it saddens me because she is so bright and so full of life and promise and she may not have had that had she stayed in Vietnam.I hope for the children that are there who are legally and legitimately looking for families there can be a quick resolution although I am doubtful.We now look forward to better days ahead and hopefully a process that moves along without many speedbumps.
Olivia is off the second grade today and was nervous anxious and excited all in one. She had a hard time falling asleep last night,was up in the middle of the night(very unusual) and wide awake raring to go at 6am. We all know how quickly that wears off.Her 7th birthday party plans are in full swing and she is counting the days. We hope that everyone's first days of school go off without a hitch and we keep everyone posted as our adoption journey continues.

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