Monday, November 17, 2008

Calmer Heads Will Prevail

I had both an email and phone conference with our program coordinator this am. After speaking with her and being updated they are concerned about the DOS statement but not thinking shutdown. They continue to believe that the delays we are seeing are related to the restructuring of the program and less about considering shutting down. She also had a conference with the in country coordinator who indicated the same. I feel much better having spoken with her and feel that perhaps the reorganization on this end will lessen the time to travel between the first and second trip,which having been through 5 months waiting for Olivia to come home is the most difficult wait.
So we are continuing to move along. Our dossier has been sent for translation and the preparer is pursuing the necessary authentications. Stay Tuned one thing you can count on with international adoption is a rocky ride.
A fun picture from soccer of Olivia and her cousin.

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moe said...

i am glad things seem to be okay- we really have been out of touch- i had no idea that anything like this was going on- I will keep thinking happy thoughts !! Although George says that the more i worry the more likely things will work out okay!! so i will continue to worry while keeping happy thoughts. The picture of Olivia and Fiona is adorable- i want a copy to put in fiona's trophy picture frame!! See you soon! Moe