Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Boy

Dear Matthew--- Today you turn two and from half a world away Daddy, Mommy and Olivia are sending our love and hoping that on some level you can feel it and know how very much we wish we were with you today. We are sad today but also happy in knowing that this will be the last birthday you will spend without us. We will celebrate today with a small cake and we will sing Happy Birthday to you Olivia will blow out your two candles( she loves to blow them out even if they are not for her).Each day gets us a little closer to you and as soon as they tell us we can come we will be there as fast as we can! Your room is almost finished. as we have been working on it we have enjoyed imagining you in it.We look forward to the day when we can hold you and love you and when you will be ours forever. Love Daddy, Mommy and Olivia


Wuxi Mommy said...

It's so hard to celebrate their birthdays when they're a world away! I remember Maia's 3rd birthday last summer while we were still waiting to travel, and my heart just ached to be with her. At least this will be his last one without his forever family!

Michele said...

Happy Belated Birthday Matthew!!! We look forward to meeting you and having you add your own pesonality to the mix of girls on this block!! We think of you and pray for you often.
Michele, Emily and Alyssa