Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keeping Busy

Just checking in with everyone. We still do not have our LID but am assured by HAS that not hearing a date does not mean we are not logged in it just simply means they have not been given a recent update. The optimist in me says that all is well, the pessimist says that maybe there is a problem with our paperwork , today the pessimist is winning. Therefore I am trying to focus my energy in a positive direction. My family has been trying to familiarize ourselves with some very basic words in Chinese to help us along with our communication with Matthew. We have purchased a children's picture dictionary recommended by HAS which is certainly helping. In doing my research I have also found all the family adoption merchandise available for families and children adopted from China. There is a mountain of things available for bringing the Chinese culture into out multi cultural family YEAH. I am faced however with the challenge of not only bringing the Chinese culture to our home but also the Vietnamese culture. Olivia obviously is very proud of being Vietnamese and quickly corrects people when they assume she is Chinese. So I now face the challenge of striking a balance in our home. That is the productive way I will use this energy while waiting for an update of our LID. I will keep you posted-- All the Best Kate

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Wuxi Mommy said...

I remember well those days of waiting for an LID! I think it's safe to say that you probably DO have an LID, although it seems it takes forever to actually find out what it is. Ours was only 10 days from our DTC! I think the waiting is such a roller coaster ride. My emotions took me all over the place during those long months from DTC to TA! Hopefully you'll get the good news soon and you can rest a little bit easier that all is going smoothly with your dossier.