Friday, August 1, 2008

A New Month--- A New Beginning

Steve and I found out a few weeks ago that an adoption from Vietnam was not going to be possible. In essence the Vietnamese Government had stopped issuing referrals despite verbal assurances that they would continue over the summer. Needless to say this has been a difficult time for us as we struggled with the decision to continue or not.  After much soul searching we have decided to continue and are now pursuing adoption from Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately all of the paperwork we completed will need to be redone in the interest of time because all of our original documentation is still in Vietnam it will all be returned but who knows when.  So with renewed energy we begin again as we pursue this dream of child number two for our family.
Please keep us in your thoughts and we will update as we move along the process.


moe said...

Hi Kate and Steve- this is my second attempt to comment on your blogging!! the page looks great ( I am very impressed with your computer savvy Kate!) As always George the girls and I are with both of you as you begin this new exciting journey! We will be there whenever you need us! I am looking forward to the exciting months ahead as we wait for the arrival of your second child!! Talk to you soon. Moe

Monica said...

Just found your blog.... best wishes to you on the change to Kyrgyz. What agency are you with? Email me if you want to read our blog. We're with Adoption Ark and our dossier is being translated now for the past 2+ weeks.