Thursday, January 15, 2009

God Works In Mysterious Ways

I haven't blogged in awhile our lives have been kind of up in the air for a few weeks as we have been reexamining where we are in the adoption process. On December 23 2008 we received a call from our social worker,who at this point is a member of our family,that she had received information from another agency re waiting children in China. Adopting an older child had not been something Steve and I had considered but felt we needed to consider it a this point and she sent us the files of 4 children waiting to review and request updated information.
Steve and I reviewed the files and saw little boy waiting in China and both felt that he was to be our son.We have been reviewing documentation and providing information to the agency and just received word yesterday that we are approved to move forward with his adoption.
Our son will be Matthew John and he is waiting for us at the Wuxi orphahange in China his birthday is May 25 2007.He was born with a heart defect that has already been surgically repaired and he is a healthy baby boy and we can not wait to bring him home. We do have a picture but will not be posting it at this time.If you would like to see his picture please leave a comment and I will forward it to you.
Needless to say we are all over the moon about this and looking forward in the not to distant future to having a toddler in the house.We will need to prepare another full dossier for China and are waiting to get the requirements to move forward with that from there we get a logged in date and await a travel approval. This is an expedited procedure as he is a waiting child but the time frame is a little unknown we are optimistic it will be in the year sometime.
I will post more as I have news All the Best Kate.


Corinne said...

congratulations!! What wonderful news!

Michele said...

To say that I am beyond thrilled for you all is an undestatement!!!! God certainly does work in mysterious ways and shows US the way to our children. Praying for things to move quickly so that little Matthew is running wild with the girls this summer!!!
Michele, Emily and Alyssa (and Nana too)

mugstoy1 said...

Kate, steve and olivia,
I'm so happy and excited for you.
waiting not too patiently more good news.
nana, next door