Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and all that you wish for in 2009. We are getting back to normal around here. Olivia is back to school and Steve back to work after a two week vacation. Olivia was up this morning and raring to go. Although she won't admit it she likes school and gets bored toward the end of vacations. We had a great holiday after spending Christmas eve at Steve's parents house,where Olivia is completely spoiled, we were at my sister Moe's for Christmas day with my family. On the weekend we were off to Steve's sister upstate for some sleigh riding although the weather didn't cooperate they were able to slide down the hill in her yard a few times.
Steve and I had a wedding on New Years Eve, one of Steve's work friends. We had a wonderful time. We don't usually go out for New Year it was great to get all dressed up and ring on the New Year with my wonderful husband. Olivia went to my Dad's with my sister and all her cousins and spent the night.We are of course sure that she had a good time too as she loves spending time with her Aunt Margie. I had to work on New Years Day, an occupational hazard, a long tiring day the best to be said is it's behind me.
In our home we are looking forward to the New Year and all that it will hopefully bring.Steve and I are going to tackle a few home improvement projects and we have made a commitment toward a healthier lifestyle. Olivia got a junior set of golf clubs for Christmas from my Dad. Steve currently plays and I used to play, badly, before Olivia so we are all going to play as family in the Spring.
We are looking forward to some possible adoption news on or about 1/12/09 when the government reconvenes after the holiday.Steve and I are becoming concerned about the length of time it may take to get the process backlog cleared. Steve and I are on the older end of parenting we had hoped to have this done by now but looking at another year or two to wait may just be too long. We are considering other avenues and options in case this process drags on. We are optimistic that this will be okay . However what we have learned from the international adoption roller coaster is not to put all your eggs in one basket. We are praying but also being realistic I will update as news is available.All the Best !!!


Michele said...

Happy New Year!!! I pray that you find peace in the New Year and that wherever your next child is, he/she finds his/her way home.
Michele, Emily, and Alyssa

ps....Olivia looks adorable in her XMas PJs. Ali has the same ones. Love them. :-)

moe said...

We are keeping the faith!!

Corinne said...

Lets keep the faith that our children will come home soon and hopefully this year where ever they are!