Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well my birth certificate is en route to China beginning of this week Yahoo-------. We are not quite sure where we are the process and are having a hard time getting a straight answer,which tells me no one really knows.One person has said that we are now all the way back to May which was our initial assumed LID so technically this little bump has caused us to lose three months. Others have said our dossier stalled where we were when the birth certificate was lost. If that is the case then we must be pretty close to LOSC. Trying hard to not be pessimistic because if we are all the way back to LID then we will be lucky if Matthew will be home this year, Can't even imagine another holiday without him home. Hoping for the best trying to prepare for the worst. Does anyone have any experience with this and may be able to shed some light Help--- Kate.

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Michele said...

Oh Kate, I am so sorry that you have hit yet another bump in this very long and winding road. I pray that Matthew is home before the holidays!!! Big giant hugs!