Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birth Certificates Continued

Well in the middle of the snowstorm on Monday I was on the phone to NYC Dept of Health,convinced no one would be there but trying anyway. Low and behold someone very helpful answered the phone took some info and credit card info and said I will have certificates within about a week. I am cautiously optimistic. Our homestudy draft is at the agency and I will be faxing some information from work tomorrow for the homestudy review to begin. Assuming the birth certificates arrive early next week our dossier will be off for authentication by next week. I am so ready to move this all from my hands.
We obviously managed through the storm I don't usually work Mondays Olivia had a snow day and Steve was able to work from home so all was well. Olivia played outside with our neighbors for 2 hours in the freezing weather I had to drag her in the house. She is back to normal and fully recovered from the strep throat although still on antibiotics.
Today Steve and I went to the daycare center at his job to meet with the director and view the facility. It was very nice and run very efficiently. My concern is putting Matthew back in a group setting so soon after coming home. I will be taking off the 12 weeks allotted by FMLA. They were reassuring about ways to ease him into the transition but I am worried. See he is not here yet and I am already worried. I hope the right decision will come to Steve and I. All the Best Kate


Corinne said...

Hope things move out of your hands soon!

Michele said...

No decision come easily when you love your child as fiercely as you love your son. You will do what is best and he will show you the way once he is home. Emily had a ball with Liv but finally decided she is ready for Spring. I have some pictures I will email you. Praying that the BCs come quickly!!!