Monday, March 23, 2009


Two faxes.... three phone calls......two personal visits to Dr's office.... finally receiving Steve's doctor's letter.....priceless.....
Yes it only LOL took thirteen days to obtain a three sentence letter but at last we have gotten it and it is on it's way to join our dossier as we speak. We are just waiting for our USCIS clearance and we will be good to go. It feels wonderful to have this totally out of my hands. We are full steam ahead at our house finishing up brand new pantry and starting redo Matthew's room. His room now is a beautiful pink with a great alphabet pink border. It is now to be made over into a boy loving lizard and gecko room with green ( a nice green, not lizard green) walls. My sister Maureen will be helping me do the painting the week before Easter as she is off school and our children have the following week off. Thanks Moe!!!!.I will post pictures as the room comes together.

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