Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here He Is and Pre-Approval

We received the first of many wonderful calls today from HAS telling us we have been preapproved by the Chinese Government to adopt Matthew. Now we are sure it is real and that is why I am now comfortable posting his picture. We are a little biased but we think he is the cutest boy in the world. I was saying to Olivia the other day that so many people here love him already and he doesn't know it yet. Now that we have preapproval we can send him a photo album with our pictures and the nannies at the orphanage will start to show him the pictures.Of course Olivia thinks most of the pictures should be of her but we will be sure to include at least a couple of Steve and I LOL.
We have received our birth certificates and are waiting on a doctor's note to move to authentication. Our homestudy update has been approved by HAS and has been forwarded to USCIS for our country change.Thant should take about two weeks. We are hoping our dossier will be on it's way to the preparer early next week. The doctor's office is being less than cooperative and yesterday no one in the entire office could verify if they had even received my fax so annoying!!! Steve went to the office this am on his way to work spoke with someone got her name and said we should have it by Monday. I know no one will ever be moving fast enough for me in this process but really 1 week to get a one paragraph letter Kinda crazy. Best case scenario our dossier processing will be complete right around the time our USCIS clearence comes and we can be DTC(Dossier to China).I pray everyday that God keeps him safe until we can get there. I will update with more news and Happy St Patrick's Day to all-- Kate

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Corinne said...

Oh, Kate he is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Congrats and just keep moving forward.