Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Party, Strep Throat and Birth Certificates

We celebrated my Dad's 81st birthday here with a spaghetti dinner four fourteen. My Dad is so full of life and truly amazing he still works seasonally and keep himself very busy. We are blessed to have him in our life and he is so loved by his 8 soon to be nine grandchildren.
Olivia is getting over strep throat she started with a fever Wednesday during the night and was off to the doctor on Thursday.Amazingly two doses of antibiotic and no more fever and feeling much better. She would have been back to school tomorrow however they are forecasting 8-12 inches of snow here so school is doubtful.Another day home will do her good before going back into the germ pool.
We sent to NYC Dept o health for our copies of our birth certificates 3 weeks ago. I received word back yesterday that I did not sent them the correct identifying information. It took them THREE weeks to determine they did not have what they needed so frustrating. I am calling tomorrow to check to see the quickest way possible to obtain these documents. I don't think I can get the copies that we need in the same day. This is the last document that we were waiting for. Once we received this we could have moved on to certification. Now we will at least be held up by another three weeks.Oh soooo very frustrating.
I ave also done something to my blog I can no longer add anything to the blog other then posting. This is an improvement I initially lost everything including the archived postings. will continue to work on that. All the Best Kate

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