Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

We are trying to get our lives back to normal. I am still battling the jet lag awake at three am and then falling asleep standing up by 5pm I am trying but this is tough. Matthew is doing great with the sleeping. He sleeps all night and takes a two hour nap. I am so grateful for this I can't imagine how hard it would be if he were also suffering from the jet lag. Today he went for his first new shoes he was so excited in the shoe store. Nothing better than brand new sneakers. He certainly had a spring in his step.It seems as if Matthew has been with us forever like he has always been here,. We let Olivia stay home from school today and she enjoyed the day with her new brother. She is a huge help with Matthew and her energy has come in handy when Steve and I had none.
Matthew was a the doctor on Saturday for his first visit. Since we received him he has been itchy all over. The doctor feels that he is allergic to something but that is difficult to determine because his whole world changed that day. He also found that he was wheezing. We have been giving him nebulizer treatments and an allergy medicine and the itching has stopped so we are grateful for that.His breathing is also better.We introduced our dogs to him yesterday and that is a slow process he is very afraid of them if they come near him. We are separating them and bringing Matthew to them while holding him. It will just take time I hope. Thanks for all the comments made to the blog while we were in China. I have taken the time to read each and every one and am so grateful for the time people took to comment. All the Best Kate


Anonymous said...

Kate and Steve,

Just heard the joyful news and we are so happy for you and our family. He is so cute and I can feel the love. Our family is truly blessed to have such a special addition. Can't wait to meet Matthew - the cheeks are priceless. He is a lady killer.

All our love,

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike

Jackie said...

I'm so happy that Matthew is doing so well. His sleeping is truly a gift. Hopefully you'll be sleeping soon,too.
We had such a great time on Saturday. It seemed unreal having Matthew running around with the kids.
Can't wait to see him again. Let us know if you need anything.
Much love, Jackie