Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nanjing anf Matthew

Today id our final full day in Nanjing nothing planned until this evening Sandra brings us our papers and we are all going for dinner at 5pm. Matthew has a pretty good cold with a cough he was up for a few hours during the night coughing and restless. I was so longing for a 24 hr cvs to run and get him something but we muddled through. He seems better today not coughing as much but still a runny nose. Matthew was born with a VSD and he certainly does not seem to act sick but I will worry until I get the all clear from the doctor in the US.
My family has been saying that I am not posting enough pictures I am trying but it is hard to catch a moving target he is constant motion. I can't believe I am going to quote football here but we have gone from a man to man defense to a zone defense because he is wearing us out. We couldn't be happier to have  this way though.
We are looking forward to Guangzhou it is cold here not really conducive to walking much especially if he has a cold. I have been told Guangzhou will feel like a mini vacation and for sure it will be warmer so we can be out and about more. we're starting to get a little stir crazy.
Yesterday Sandra our guide took us to a silk brocade factory which was amazing and beautiful. Then we did some shopping at Confucius temple. A little retail therapy is good for a girl's soul. Steve and Matthew were unimpressed.
We leave for Guangzhou tomorrow at 7pm this will be a good test run for Matthew on a plane it could be a long ride home if her doesn't do well We'll see     All the Best Kate.


Ray said...

Oh my! Matthew looks so grown up sitting at the coffee table ( I assume). So sorry he has a cold, hopefully he will be feeling better soon. He looks so wonderful. And boys being boys, keep your running shoes on. Children keep our hearts young.
All our best to you,
Marge, Ray
Anthony & Salvatore

Michele said...

You'll love the quaintness of Guangzhou, Shaiman Island specifically. All the retail therapy you will ever need in a few block span lol. Many more options for more westernized foods and lots of nice restaurants with more choices that you will likely prefer. Hope the flight is a good one and Matthew feels better!

Wuxi Mommy said...

Looks like you have your hands full!! I had high hopes to post more from China, too, but we were a lot busier than we thought we would be. Our little ones are just so excited to explore and get all that pent up energy out. Praying that Matthew's cold gets better quickly and your flight goes smoothly to Guangzhou. SuSu didn't mind the flying part, but she hated wearing the seat belt. My fellow travel mates had to endure her screaming for the first part of the flight until we were allowed to take our seat belts off!
Guangzhou was like heaven after Nanjing. Are you staying at the White Swan? It was like paradise there! Very much needed after the first week:)

AwesomeCloud and family said...

Aww, what a sweetie!

You'll be relieved to get to Guangzhou, I'm sure. Being surrounded by Chinese culture everywhere is great in its own way, but it's so nice to have familiar comforts and English speakers while you're going through the many stresses of getting to know Matthew. My husband and I headed straight to Lucy's, an American-style restaurant that's right near the White Swan, even though we had originally promised ourselves we weren't going to be like that. He ordered a hamburger and I had a cucumber sandwich. Lucy's has great meals for kids, too, and cheap. We had so much trouble finding food our son would eat in Nanjing, but in Guangzhou we could explain his pickiness to the servers and get a bowl of delicious congee or whatever.