Friday, January 8, 2010

Guangzhou and Matthew's Physical

We have arrived safely in Guangzhou and were right back at it with Matthew's physical this am at 940 am. Matthew and us had a tough flight last night it was late he was confined and very wound up. Matthew's adjustment is coming in the form of becoming very over stimulated he becomes almost frantic at time and difficult to manage. The flight last night was very cramped so glad for all of our long flights we bit the bulled and are flying business class.The man in front fully reclined his seat the whole time and I couldn't even move my legs all the while Matthew was screaming and throwing himself about We got the stink eye from quite a few people as they were deplaning oh well we'll never see them again.At Matthew's physical this am it turns out he has a throat infection and is congested no fever yet but I am sure that would have been coming. They gave me an antibiotic and cough medicine for him. The antibiotic  comes in a powder form and has to be reconstituted I had to dig way back to my nursing school days but I got it.
On the way back from the physical we passed a nice shop and Matthew is now the proud owner of squeaky shoes very cute ones with soccer balls on them.The squeaky shoe concept is lost on Steve he doesn't understand why we have to give Matthew more noise then he already makes but he is going with the flow
It turns out that there is another family from Homeland here. We met up with them this morning and will see them this afternoon. Soo great to meet up with other English speaking families. I was feeling lonely and missing home and  my beautiful girl but now feel rejuvenated and better able to do what needs to be done to bring our boy home  I will post with the comings and goings for now All the best----- Kate


moe said...

It is so great to see him out of that hotel room!! He is so adorable!! I completely understand thesqueaky shoe things- and with soccer ball to boot- come on steve!!!! Good to hear tht you have met up with some other people to change things up a bit-is the other child Matthew's age? Talk to you tonight! Hugs and kisses- Moe

Michele said...

Those squeaky shoes are a big least with Moms (and Aunts) lol. They make great quality shoes and they are soooo cute! Hint about the sqeaky shoes, if you love the look of the shoe, buy them as they "squeakers" can come out and then you have just a great pair of shoes. Um, we needed to buy an extra suite case on the way home for all of our shoes...I mean purchases!! :-)Glad to see you on the next leg of the journey. I have to say YOU look more rested. I hope you are feeling okay and that with the meds, Matthew feels better as well. This is all so overwhelming for this little much to process. He will settle down with time and love, both of which he now has!!

mugstoy1 said...

Hi Kate and Steve and Matthew,
This is Murray. I have enjoyed reading your blog and cant wait to welome you all home!! Congatulations!

Ray said...

Dear Kate & Steve,
I LOVE the squeaky sneaks. Both Anthony & Sal had them. Those sneaks are adorable.
The other day I saw Moe and she was giving me all the scoop from Skype with you guys. it ws great to get some scoop. Again, so very happy for you all. I forgot to mention to her. I don't know if this will help you. Since Matthew is on antibiotics. The antibiotics may help with the flight home with the pressure on his ears.
Anywho here goes. A cousin of mine used to fly all the time with her girls. She used this alot First you take wet paper towels, put them each in 2 plastic baggies, microwave to warm. place in plastic cups and place over each ear. It's to help with the decompression as you are descending. I usually give the boys benadril but coming home from MI with Sal. Anthony went balistic kicking and screaming. It was horrible. As soon as the plane landed. He stopped. Of course that was before my cousin told me of this. She got it from a flight attendant.
I hope Matthew is feeling better real soon.
God speed and a quick flight home.
The Cascio's
Marge, Ray
anthony & Salvatore