Monday, January 11, 2010

Over One Hurdle

Today we are all doing well. Matthew is feeling better and the medicine seems to be helping. We returned to the medical clinic today and his PPD was negative Yeah  no X-ray. I was dreading trying to hold him to get that done. We are off to go shopping this afternoon at a large mall called the Prudential mall.  We are enjoying Guangzhou although the whole island is under construction they are putting in a septic system and redoing the facades on most of the buildings so navigating with a stroller id difficult but we are managing. We had lunch at the White Swan the other day which was nice we are however enjoying the lower rates at the Victory.


moe said...

That certainly is good news!!! Glad to hear that he is feeling better!! The pictures are adorable-happy to see that he has found a quiet place to do some reading!!LOL! I know today is one of the last hurdles that you you have to go voer- I am sure it will all go smoothly. Hope you enjoyed the shopping- do the squekay shoes come in George's size- they would be handy if he gets lost!!

Wuxi Mommy said...

I'm glad that Matthew's cold is getting better! And what a treat to meet another Homeland family:) It did me a world of good to talk to other families while we were in China! I can't believe you'll be heading home soon:)

Ray said...

So glad Matthew is feeling much better. Enjoy the shopping. Nothing feels more normal than using the old credit card. enjoy your last couple of days on a truly memorable trip.
All our love,
Marge, Ray
Anthony & Salvatore

Michele said...

Glad that Matthew seems to be on the mend. Sorry that all of the construction is happening. I loved just walking around Shaiman Island and talking to the shop keepers. I am sure not being in a group was lonely. We had huge groups both times. Lots of Americans on Shaiman Island, that's for sure. Enjoy the last few have a bunch of people excited to welcome you home...although we will give you a few days before we stampeed you ;-)
What size is he wearing??