Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're Officially a Family

We are all thrilled here in Nanjing as Matthew's adoption is official. He is now legally ours. The final paperwork was completed this am and the morning as topped off by a trip to Walmart for the purchase of a much needed stroller.My mommy muscles are sure out of shape and not used to carrying a two year old. Matthew is doing great and thriving on the extra attention. He is funny and playful and trying to copy all the sound we make very cute. He is starting with a runny nose sure hope we can keep it at that don't want him to be sick for our trip to Guangzhou. We are just waiting for his pass port which we will receive Friday am and we leave for Guangzhou Friday evening. This short trip will be a good test run for how we do on the long flight home.Matthew is eating great and sleeping great wish I could say the same I j just can't seem to sleep past 4am I'm sure that will work itself out the day before we come home.LOL Nonetheless we are enjoying our new son who is full of mischief and energy. Steve and I have been saying our house is not nearly baby proofed enough for our little whirlwind but we wouldn't have it any other way  All the Best Kate


moe said...

What a face!! Congratulations!!! You can tell by just looking at his picture what a ball of energy he is!!Don't worry there will be plenty of helping hands to chase him when he comes home!! Keep the posts and photos coming. See you on Skype. I have invited Carol and Steve over on Wednesday to Skype with you!!

Michele said...

So adorable!! His personality shines through in that picture!! I was the same way with the jet lag on the way over, got a bit better by the time we got to Guangzhou!! Hope it's the same for you! Congratulations!!

moe said...

Hi Aunt Kate- Matthew is so cute!! I think Olivia will be so excited when he comes home!! We're planning a big party for when he comes home. See you tonight on Skype!!


Wuxi Mommy said...

Congratulations!! He's adorable!! I know my arms ached by the end of the trip because Miss Maia wanted to be carried all the time. I came home with some pretty impressive biceps..LOL:) Boys are a whole lot busier than girls, that's for sure. Enjoy your newest addition. Maybe running around after him so much will tire you out enough to sleep past 4am!

Jackie said...

Matthew is so cute and looks like he's full of energy. What a great smile!
I told everyone at school I'm an aunt. They all know about Matthew.
We can't wait to see him.

Jackie and Larry

Ray said...

Dear Kate & Steve,
Matthew looks like he's built like Salvatore. You sure have a handfull. But like the other posts say. You'll build your bicps! That's how I got mine. :o)
He's beautiful and seems like a ball of energy. Look out all you other soccer kids!
Love Marge, Ray,
Anthony & Salvatore