Saturday, January 2, 2010


We are beginning our second day in Nanjing and our last day as a family of three. Tomorrow  10am we will be leaving the hotel to go get Matthew. We are both excited and nervous about all that he will go through tomorrow and the subsequent days but are praying for a smooth transition for him. The jet lag this trip is really taking a toll on me and I hope with each day it gets a little better. I just feel so tired and then can only sleep for about five hours. i know this will pass. We have been skyping with Olivia at home and that has definitely helped being able to see her and talk to her. Leaving Olivia was very difficult but I am managing.Today we are going to head up to the Hunan Rd and to the Nanjing Drum Tower. Then we will spend the evening getting ready for the arrival of our beautiful boy    All the Best   Steve and Kate.


Wuxi Mommy said...

The jet lag was really difficult for me going over, too. The same thing happened. I was exhausted but couldn't sleep much more than four hours for the first few nites. Honestly, the night we got SuSu was the first nite I slept well! After that, the jet lag eased up a lot and I was able to sleep a good 7 hours or more a night. I think you'll feel a whole lot better in another day or two. Beijing was just a blur to me, but thing improved a lot on about Day 4. Hang in there!!

Teresa said...

Hi Kate and Steve!! I just heard from Michele that you're in China. Hooray!! So glad tomorrow you receive Matthew. Congratulations and God bless!! Can't wait to follow your journey.


moe said...

Hey Kate!! Ican not believe that this time tomorrow you will be on your way to finally getting Matthew! All the worry and stress of the last 3 years will melt away the minute you hold him in your arms!! As always we are here for you and can't wait to see our new nephew!!

Gotta Getcha Back said...

Hi Kate and Steve.... this is Shelley, don't think we've met, and if we have it was quite a while ago. We just got back last week... well Christmas Eve.... so a little over a week. It was fantastic and one of the most difficult trips I've undertaken, and Dave and I have traveled..... just so much rushing around and stress, but a great, wonderful stress. Can't believe that we are home.

If you go sightseeing and make it to the Pearl factory in Beijing..... definitely get the face day and night cream, it's amazing....., made out of Pearls. you won't be sorry!!!
Can't wait to see you when you get back - have a wonderful Gotcha Day !
Shelley & Baylon

Ray said...

Der Kate & Steve,
Congrats and God Bless. We are so excited for you both. How exciting that you will be will your son in just a few hours. Cherish these moments as we know you will. Your Gotcha Day is almost here!
Love Marge, Ray
Anthony & Salvatore
The Cascio's

Marge said...

Dear Mom and dad,
weve been looking on your blog and i miss u so much!! i cant wait 2 c matthew monday morning on the blog
i love youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

luv always,

Michele said...

We are so excited to see your Mom and Dad with your brother, but we will be SO EXCITED when we see him with you!!! You are a special girl and you will be a terrific big sister. You have waitied so patiently for Matthew to finally come home!! I bet you are having fun with your cousins!!! We can't wait to see you on Monday afternoon after school!!

Michele, Emily and Alyssa

Eileen said...

How wonderful to see Matthew in your arms. He seems to be very comfortable surrounded by the love of mommy and daddy. Can't wait to kiss his chubby cheeks. Hope this post gets through as my last one didn't. I am so happy for all of you. Love Aunt Eileen