Saturday, January 16, 2010


We are home!!! All safe and sound These pictures were taken at 4 am Saturday morning when my whole house was up. My two children were on the couch sharing cheerios. Despite feeling tired and suffering from jet lag God is good and we are blessed. These pictures and knowing my whole family is under one roof is priceless. All the Best Kate


Michele said...

Aw, a beautiful sight for sure!!! Jet lag ends...eventually. It is tough getting through it though. Get outside as much as possible. The direct sunlight speeds up the body's internal clock. It helped us when we came home. Welcome Home!!!
We will try to keep our "new addition" quiet LOL.

Michele, Emily and Alyssa

Wuxi Mommy said...

Isn't that the best feeling in the world?? I'm so happy for you!! After a few weird nites of sleep, you should soon be back on schedule:) Do your best to stay up all day.....and get outside if you can. I barely remember that first week home. Probably because I was sleep!

shelley said...

Yea....all together. Here is hoping to kick jet lag sooner than later.

maryty2874 said...

Kate & Steve , I have really enjoyed following your journey to

& from China. Matthew looks like
a bouncing ,healthy two year old!!!

All of you look very happy & I'm very happy for you. Love. Grandma Mary

maryty2874 said...

Kate & Steve,

I have enjoyed following your journey to & from China thanks to Moe. Matthew looks like very healthy & impish 2 yr. old boy. You all look very & I'm very happy for you.
love to all of you. Mary Y.